A little River Hiking

What an amazing trip… Definitely one of my best ones so far. I was reunited with some awesome people from a previous one (My train husband + his girlfriend + the Irish).

This trip was basically hiking through a bamboo forest and then along a river… It was a fun trip and I was happy that I didn’t break my iPhone on the rocks!

The weather was warm so swimming as we hiked was an absolute must – the water was freezing but too tempting not to get in!

We had the usual beer and bonfire session at the hidden village. The village was very beautiful and our guide got quite drunk which was amusing (I may or may not have shown him how to give a lap dance haha)….. He had insisted on making us drink all this Chinese wine (imagine wine that is rocket fuel strength).

We all sat around talking drunken shit and everyone was discussing that maybe smoking and drinking must not be that bad (as we smoked and drank) and really it’s the other shit in life that ages you… ‘Check out the guide, he’s got to be like 80ish and he smokes like a chimney, drinks Baijio like a fish and hikes up and down a mountain all day.

At some point we found out the guide was 50ish. Hmmm. 

The guide had picked me to drink first and then share (force) this very special looking bottle of Baijio with the group… I started to ask him how much… He couldn’t understand me (why not?? I mean my Chinese is fucking impeccable haha) so I got out my phone and asked him to type.

He types so many numbers…. WTF. I grab one of the guys… Apparently he’s giving me his phone number…

Oh dear.

During the night one girl woke up with a centipede in her ear. Thankfully we were all too drunk passed out sleeping to wake up. But the poor girl ended up off to hospital all night and then back in the morning!

Hike Hike Hike






Swim time!



Success… Now for the less healthy part!!




 The Village 










Party Time!

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