Tokyo – the good shit!

Day two of Tokyo was right up my alley… No more Zara and Gap (I love you but come on I’m in Japan, gotta see some shit) this was what I came for!

Points to Sal and I for getting up at 3.30am to go the famous fish auctions… Only to arrive and find out they did it earlier for some reason… Eh, oh well take a few snaps and head back to bed! 

Cause things in Japan just seem funnier.

The little town of Asakusa was beautiful – clearly for tourists, but it was fun!

Poor bastard, it’s like 37 degrees

Trusty Selfie Stick at it again

Shaved iced! Yum.

Rituals are beautiful but honestly I have no idea why or what for … But I guess everyone just follows the crowd and you seem to be able to mimic the person before you… I go to so many temples and shrines these days I should learn a thing or two at some point.


Instructions in Japan are adorable!