Working 9 till 5….

First day at work, kinda excited!

The two hour time difference really makes it easier for me to get up in the morning and relax… check me out being mindful and relaxed. haha.

Get to work and I have a nice office all to myself! Can’t wait to get some plants, motivational quotes and my new beautiful Miranda Kerr wedgewood tea cup and saucer in there (thanks ladies)….

I am going to need a kettle. The water is like warm, this doesn’t suffice for tea. I then Pondered whether I should get a mini fridge… But then kinda thought that might be a little antisocial….

Marley comes tomorrow!!!! Can’t wait till his arrival!!!

So, I decide I can’t find any events going on right now… I’m going to go crazy so I do a brave move…. I decide to ‘pick up some chics’.

I message a few personally from the meet up group app – I’m not sure this is normal etiquette but fuck it.

It’s a little shameful when I message one and realise that I copied and pasted not only the message but the name of the previous girl I personal messaged…. Whoops, if I didn’t feel creepy before I do now….

By the end of the day, I have a couple of coffee dates lined up… I hear that’s appropriate for a first date. Haha.

Hmm, what goes one wear on a friend date haha

Oooh, and i’m a few kg’s heavier than my profile pic…. what if they are disappointed. Bahahaha

The Office





Okay, let’s go shopping…

Day Two

Good day. Woke up in better spirits. New day.

Supermarket time for me…
I’m buggered… Supermarket is intense. Two levels. Really busy. Never found starbucks to be such a haven in my life!!

Apparently every chinese person thought the amount of shit in my trolley was hilarious…

Things I miss the most so far:

Gluten free grain bread
Sun rice think rice cakes
90 second brown rice pots
Julie’s porridge
Safeway roast chickens
Kumato tomatoes
Mavers peanut spread
Greek yoghurt
Frozen berries

I feel vegetarian is the way to go till I figure shit out … Hehe

Off to yoga. Turn on my data quickly for a map…. Within a few minutes telstra tells me I’ve spent $1,000. Argh…. Call them and spend $40 to talk to them but at least my data cost is now $29… Rookie mistake, better get a china mobile tomorrow.

Most Important… supplies for Marley



Kinda like my tacky dinner set


Freak myself out trying to wash my vegie’s….


What The…. I moved to Shanghai????!!!!!!!

okay, so here is my debrief of days 1 – 3 in Shanghai in 3 posts… i now have better internet at work so i hope to be more organised!

I can’t decide if I feel like Carrie Bradshaw or Doogie Howser with my blog… but either way it’s almost like having someone to talk to! haha.

Day One


Feel a little strange, like I’m excited but overwhelmed. I feel like I have nothing to do but also too much to do. So I do what any normal person does and pops on some bike pants (okay so they’re more like bridget jones big panties in bike short form) under her dress to avoid the potential thigh chaffing (if I didn’t long for a thigh gap before I do now haha) down to buy some beer.

Some Chinese guy in the lift was eyeing up my bag and laughing ‘you buy beer haha’ – Yep, buddy that’s how I role. Hehe.

The city is so big, almost too overwhelming to just walk around. However, I’m up the road from work which is good for now – although there are cooler places to be.

Hmm, now to find a way to be productive and entertained…

Unpack. Half done, I need a break
Read magazines… Eh
Read strategy book for work.. Later
Find a proper supermarket… Mmm
Work out my 90 day plan for success… Soon soon

Ah, stuff it… Crack a beer and listen to a little biggie.

I go find a gym to join, turns out gyms the sales tactics are just as tricky and annoying sales as in Melbourne…. With the added language barrier… Eh, oh well.

Spend the night in, order in from some chinese place… So grose, tell
Myself I need to sort out some real food tomorrow… Grose.

Damn, my fake dvd’s can’t be played as I don’t have a DVD player in the room or my computer!! Damn. There goes my rocking Saturday night – go to bed early, hoping I’ll be in a better mood in the morning.

My apartment… for now


walking around…



Random funnies in the room


Found my office!


My Precious…..


The 2 week Reno – Week 1

With no clue and no braun I set out to renovate the house in 2 weeks!!! Eek

And with the help of some special ladies I did!!! Thanks girls x




Lozza, you even looked good in your tradie outfit – bitch ūüėČ





A few early visitors and a few wines…. And a delicious first night picnic dinner with Jules, adam and mum ūüôā





Then I called in the big guns….. And boy did we drink that barrel good and proper janni and Taryn…. Ouch