Working 9 till 5….

First day at work, kinda excited!

The two hour time difference really makes it easier for me to get up in the morning and relax… check me out being mindful and relaxed. haha.

Get to work and I have a nice office all to myself! Can’t wait to get some plants, motivational quotes and my new beautiful Miranda Kerr wedgewood tea cup and saucer in there (thanks ladies)….

I am going to need a kettle. The water is like warm, this doesn’t suffice for tea. I then Pondered whether I should get a mini fridge… But then kinda thought that might be a little antisocial….

Marley comes tomorrow!!!! Can’t wait till his arrival!!!

So, I decide I can’t find any events going on right now… I’m going to go crazy so I do a brave move…. I decide to ‘pick up some chics’.

I message a few personally from the meet up group app – I’m not sure this is normal etiquette but fuck it.

It’s a little shameful when I message one and realise that I copied and pasted not only the message but the name of the previous girl I personal messaged…. Whoops, if I didn’t feel creepy before I do now….

By the end of the day, I have a couple of coffee dates lined up… I hear that’s appropriate for a first date. Haha.

Hmm, what goes one wear on a friend date haha

Oooh, and i’m a few kg’s heavier than my profile pic…. what if they are disappointed. Bahahaha

The Office





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