Okay, let’s go shopping…

Day Two

Good day. Woke up in better spirits. New day.

Supermarket time for me…
I’m buggered… Supermarket is intense. Two levels. Really busy. Never found starbucks to be such a haven in my life!!

Apparently every chinese person thought the amount of shit in my trolley was hilarious…

Things I miss the most so far:

Gluten free grain bread
Sun rice think rice cakes
90 second brown rice pots
Julie’s porridge
Safeway roast chickens
Kumato tomatoes
Mavers peanut spread
Greek yoghurt
Frozen berries

I feel vegetarian is the way to go till I figure shit out … Hehe

Off to yoga. Turn on my data quickly for a map…. Within a few minutes telstra tells me I’ve spent $1,000. Argh…. Call them and spend $40 to talk to them but at least my data cost is now $29… Rookie mistake, better get a china mobile tomorrow.

Most Important… supplies for Marley



Kinda like my tacky dinner set


Freak myself out trying to wash my vegie’s….


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