Just a little more Wuhan baby

Final post on Wuhan I promise! For a city that is not really a huge tourist destination, I sure did take a lot of photos and want to share them all!

I think spending a day just quietly exploring a city in China that isn’t so overwhelming and huge is just really calming and enjoyable.

My first destination was the Yellow Crane Tower.

I was totally happy by the fact I could order a ticket in Chinese. Woo, it really is the small things! Haha.

Yep, packed the trusty selfie stick… Well, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do when she doesn’t have a partner ūüėČ


The walk up was peaceful and potentially my favorite part. I was super excited and ready for my money shot of the tower.

In construction!!! Of course it is, right!! Oh well, I got over it soon enough and then missioned on forward, finding a path amongst the swarms of local Chinese tourists.

I considered stealing one of the beautiful pictures off Pinterest that had lured me here… but decided to keep it real.

Cool shit… Yeah.¬†¬†

Stupidly it never clicked for me that the yellow crane tower was actually about a yellow crane…

Luckily for me i could still see some amazing views from the top!


So, all in all Wuhan… You’re alright. Thanks for the one night stand x

Wuhan РTemple 

So, Wuhan has a brilliant temple. It was baking hot, but worth it!

Turtles!!! I love Turtles! And I don’t think they are for eating. That’s a win.
Gold Monks were really cool. Inside this building were rows and rows of these golden monks. Each with a different face / position and even props. No photos allowed inside but you get the jist.



Wuhan city 

Rather than going straight back to Shanghai after Beijing (you know the trip where I was super bitchy and angry) I decided to go to Wuhan. It’s to the East of Shanghai and known as one of the 4 furnace cities in China as it just catches the heat like a bitch.

Wuhan РEast of Shanghai 

The Verdict… Not a bad little city to cruise around for a day.

My general wandering….


For some reason seeing live chickens outside restaurants is more disturbing than when you see a tank of live fish…..¬†

I love it when you stumble across something cool and unexpected. I found a Lotus festival as I walked back to the hotel! 

Night life was a let down… Although this slightly surreal little ‘western street’ was interesting¬†

My hotel…. And as always in China ‘Safety First’!¬†


Perhaps the best time to decide you don’t fancy drinking is not the week you go to Amsterdam… But hey, you have to go with these things when you feel them… Amsterdam does have other charms! Haha


I feel dirty just thinking about it 

About what?

My selfie stick!

Now get your mind out of the gutter (yeah yeah I lead you there I know) but I feel like if use it then I become a person I don’t want think of myself as.

I travel alone quite a lot these days and kinda prefer it, but my challenge remains… Who is gonna take my photos? And care that I’m not crossed eyes or oozing armit cleavage??

Does it matter? Should I just enjoy the moment. Maybe…

But…. Who is gonna take my photos?

My eyes are wonky and I can go from x to x with turn of a shoulder… I need to be in charge.

Selfie stick… I wanna hate you but you got my back.

But their must be a better way… Time to think about this!

Weird Little Fruit 

How funny are these little guys! They are kind of like cucumbers, but grown in little Budha moulds. Why, I can’t tell you…

I was told to expect fruit so it was totally disappointing to eat (I’d packed them for work as morning tea)… I just wasn’t in a cucumber mindset lol.