Just a little more Wuhan baby

Final post on Wuhan I promise! For a city that is not really a huge tourist destination, I sure did take a lot of photos and want to share them all!

I think spending a day just quietly exploring a city in China that isn’t so overwhelming and huge is just really calming and enjoyable.

My first destination was the Yellow Crane Tower.

I was totally happy by the fact I could order a ticket in Chinese. Woo, it really is the small things! Haha.

Yep, packed the trusty selfie stick… Well, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do when she doesn’t have a partner ūüėČ


The walk up was peaceful and potentially my favorite part. I was super excited and ready for my money shot of the tower.

In construction!!! Of course it is, right!! Oh well, I got over it soon enough and then missioned on forward, finding a path amongst the swarms of local Chinese tourists.

I considered stealing one of the beautiful pictures off Pinterest that had lured me here… but decided to keep it real.

Cool shit… Yeah.¬†¬†

Stupidly it never clicked for me that the yellow crane tower was actually about a yellow crane…

Luckily for me i could still see some amazing views from the top!


So, all in all Wuhan… You’re alright. Thanks for the one night stand x

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