Hiking Mt Hua Shan – The Most Dangerous Mountain in China

This trip was quite far away and requires an overnight train ride! I find the idea of train travel quite romantic…. I love the idea of it. However, like many things in China it’s not quite as you imagine in the world of Pinterest and Instagram …. 

Anyway, I joined he trip late (and apparently so did some British guy) so my hiking organizer friend managed to add us but we had to go ‘first class’. Oh no!!! Haha.

My new ‘train husband’ and I were so happy with our lovely honeymoon suite! Especially as the others were in these cabins split up amongst Chinese families (imagine crying babies) or old men (imagine flem throat clearing or snoring).

Anyway, this mountain is super high and has 5 Peaks. It’s famous for its scary little climbing area and also the super scary (and dodgy looking) walk along the edge of the mountain.

Thank you Wikipedia 

It is one of China’s Five Great Mountains, and has a long history of religious significance. Originally classified as having three peaks, in modern times the mountain is classified as five main peaks, of which the highest is the South Peak at 2,154.9 metres (7,070 ft).

Jackpot a honeymoon suite for a 12 hour train ride!



Of course it was quite a long and boring trip… So a few of us decided to get a little (and in the end) a lot drunk!



This part was a little concerning… Our van was stopped by the police. The police took over the vehicle and just drove it… We were like ‘Um, what – are we doing to China jail?’ We sat in silence. Luckily he dropped us off where we need to go. ‘Um, thanks…’

Now, what we actually came for!




Matchy matchy

 Hiking was very hard!!! Whaaa


But totally worth it for the breathtaking views!

First Challenge at the peak .. Climb some steep shit and hope for the best! And yes I’m wearing a skirt (from Country Road to be even more ridiculous). Why you ask? Cause I was so hungover that I woke minutes before we had to jump off and didn’t get changed when I got off the train… I literally cut my legging with a Swiss Army knife (it was hot) and rolled with it like a bad ass ūüėĚ haha

And we made it to the mini peak

As they say in China….. Safety First!

Relaxing after a tough day!

View from where we slept on top of the mountain that night.

Da 2 – Now for the most scary and famous part!!!

Business is business! This guys is crouching in a tiny nook in the the cliff printing and laminating photos of people!! Photo taken on the way and photo given on the way back!

After the rickety bridge you would reach some little shrine in the cliff. Now the thing is you had to go back the way you came and cross over people coming the oppsite direction as you.  Fark!

Okay this is brilliant, too scared to do it? No problem, we can fake this shit for you! Haha

And of course a communist war statue of sorts to cap off a brilliant hike

Feeling sad to leave, but managed to alleviate the pain the only way we knew how 

And back to Shanghai. Good times on the train

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