The Highs of January 2015

So, I’m kinda glad I didn’t bother with a New Years Resolution around being much more up to date with my blogging… but hey, I’m not claiming to be a blogger here and no one is offering to sponsor me! haha.

When I drafted the start of this post it was called ‘New Years Non Resolutions’ – I was all high on life and ready to embrace every Pinterest quote I Pinned i.e. Release and let go of all the crap in the past and look forward.. create the life she loved… Well, that was all great and noble, but then the smoggy winter really kicked in and I got sick…it all went a little down hill (see my next post soon around the Low’s of January) but don’t worry it’s February now and I am 5 short sleeps away from a 2 weeks vacation in tropical paradise… nothing to complain about from Shanghai in this post! ūüôā

Anyway, I really didn’t want to do the fancy hotel party thing, I didn’t want to go to a house party;- I just wanted to get the Hell Out of Shanghai and didn’t mind where. Luckily, I know a few lovely ladies (by lovely I mean ones I can be compmletely fucked up and vulgar around with no fear of judgement) which were on the same page… so we ‘loosely’ planned a trip and off we went, not sure what to do or expect… but off we went on December 31st!

6 Hour Bus trip, not so cosy but at least I’ve learnt not to crack any beers until the last half an hour or hour max… Did I mention we missed our stop and ended up in a different town, but never mind we just stayed there anyway.


Beer and a Selfie Stick, we’re sorted!

Our hostel was like a giant Ice Box!


But Mr. Hu was so nice and it was a miracle for us that he spoke such good English!

Plus Mr. Hu’s wife was a great cook and restored my faith in Chinese food!!

Exploring around the Town…

Beer in hand of Course…


Even the little supermarkets where fun… Our Brazilian member talked about the need to wear a lucky pair of coloured undies to bring you luck… you pick the colour based on what you want in 2015… I picked blue which is relaxed and calming, she insisted I needed to add some red (passion and luck) but socks would do just fine…. our selection was limited

We found the closest thing we could to a bar in the quiet little town

Trying the local spirits – We started with high hopes…. I had my phone camera on ‘burst’ and caught our expressions! haha


Trying the local spirits – a little sharp


Trying the local spirits – The kick


Then Jan 1 we went off to see a Waterfall (which didn’t really have a Waterfall….hmm). Oh well, we’ll roll with it.

Feeling fresh and full of energy… what a new feeling for me on Jan 1st!

Selfie Stick has already paid for itself haha…

Everyone wanted a photo with us, it was quite funny. Even one of the employees at the front gate followed us around, and every time we took pictures and posed for ourselves he jumped in and took his own photos of us… he never acknowledged us or said hello, just acted like he was invisible hahaIMG_1045

Yep, he was there taking a copy of this too!
Finally, off to climb the Mountains – The Yellow Mountains!

Never ever have I climbed so high!

These poor guys running up and down with stuff – it was insane.


Made it to the top! cheesy yes, but you’re supposed put a lock somewhere on the mountain and inscribe the names… this is providing you climb with the love of your life. Now, Oprah tells me the Love of my life should be Me… hey that works! Rewarded with a can of beer of course – it’s all about ‘Balance’. Yes that’s my theme for 2015…

Strange weather, was quite sunny but also almost frozen.


Um, do they realise that’s a little dangerous…

I arrive home happy but exhaused and treat myself to a gourmet dinner!

Such a brilliant trip, but very nice to snuggle up when I got home though!!!

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