Shanghai Old Town

The best tour guide and translator is my Kiwi friend Kylie! Another great Sunday exploring.

A little visit to Fatty’s noodles in the old town…. Fatty was quite impressed with my bike and asked to have a go lol    





Next step, The Old a Shanghai Wall. The original city was a circle and as implied by the name… It had a wall around it haha. This is the only part left.   

Lol, in typical Chinese style… Anywhere is good for hanging your laundry… Even tourist attractions haha  

Back on the bikes! 









Fangbang Lu – it’s where it’s at!  

Now a little further you can see where the old down is being demolished….. As they say… If it’s old, rip it down.



Then suddenly you find yourself back to the bustling world again.  

Now back to the Old French Concession

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