Good Rural Street Eats – Huashan, Shaanxi Province, China

Once I finally got over my food poisoning and freaky meat worries (aka Street Food) I soon realised what I was missing!

I now plan to discover more street food whilst here in China!

During my trip to Huashan, Shaanxi (a small little rural town at the base of an incredibly amazing mountain range – which I of coursed hiked up) I tasted some goodies and had to share!

This is our breakfast before a 8 hour hike – it’s essentially a little crepe cooked over a bucket of fire with a few vege’s inside… I felt quite safe with this one.

Not quite France, but Crepe anyone?

IMG_0197[1] IMG_0203[1] IMG_0206[1]

Next is my fucked up mid-hike snack. Not the Beer, I mean the egg! Boiled eggs!!! Less delicious but I managed to eat it given the level of hunger and tiredness. However it’s confirmed that I think I have mild phobia of boiled eggs (not fried or poached mind you). China love a boiled egg, but hey, at least this one isn’t soaked in Vinegar or Fermented.

Yay Beer. Boo Egg.


This next one has to be the highlight of my food during the trip. The Hiking was done and dusted so I couldn’t resist this pulled pork type of spicy pastry/sandwich.

Warm flaky bread (dough made and cooked by the old guy)… The woman then pulls out some of this amazing pull-a-part style pork from a dodgy looking tin filled with cooked pork and broth and she of course hacked it to shreds with a large butches knife. Then she added pickled spicy carrot, beanshoots, coriander and green chill and then this odd but very tasty potato hash.

The Highlight of the Trip!

IMG_0454[1] IMG_0457[1] IMG_0461[1]

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