Just a Thursday

So, being the utter professional that I am – I woke up at 9.50am today hearing the cleaning lady bang on my door. What the – totally late for work… Hmm, I went to bed at 10.30pm last night…scary.

This is what happens when my jawbone breaks – I can’t wake up without the slight wrist vibration it provides me when I’m in my optimal light sleep phase…

So, I decided on my apartment today – yay. Move out next week!!

Soon to be Home Sweet 35th Floor Home


My View (until the smog comes of course!)


So. I come home and celebrate by sharing a can of tuna with my cat and try to think about ways of improving my sleeping patterns.

Luckily my new place is on the same street as work – as long as I wake up 10mins prior to any meetings I should be okay ūüėČ

2 thoughts on “Just a Thursday

  1. YEY you’ve found an apartment!!! photos please. 1 or 2 bedroom etc
    Let us know if you can’t find anything 70’s over there for your party cause we can always send a parcel over ūüôā


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