Why has this become a hassle already!

Haha, I’ve been putting off writing anything as I was a few days behind… And then it started accumulating and then it got relegated to the dreaded to do list….

Hmm, I now remember why I could never keep a diary as a teenager, no matter how pretty and sparkly!!

Oh well. Here it goes. I’m letting it go.

Here is my update. It’s not everything and it’s not in any order. Dang, when did I become such a rebel haha.

Okay. So marley is fitting in quite nicely. I often visit him at lunchtime and say hello. He’s got quite used to being the man of the house and having prime bed position!!

I went to bangkok last week for work, it was really good – too much food, fancy hotel and lots to learn!!! Consider me up skilled in strategy – check.

So, I’ve been bouncing around the place a bit… But not in a bad way.

A few more fun nights… Random shanghai nightclubs are interesting and I can imagine Dayna having the dj round her little finger in minutes!! Hehe

A few dinners here and there. I have a 70’s birthday party soon – my mind boggles at the idea of finding something here!!

I couldn’t sleep last night, so I booked a hiking trip to a hidden village in a few weeks… As you do ūüôā

Apartment hunting sucks – it’s the language and perhaps Chinese taste in decor but mostly the use of the old ‘bait and switch’ – forget looking up stuff online, all the amazing places are ‘suddenly rented’ but no worry, plenty of other good places…. Ahhh, it’s just a lottery.

It’s sometimes fun to learn Chinese


Girl dating….


My new mug – Digging it!


Tasty Tom Yum in Bangkok, but dad’s is better!


Working hard in Thailand


Love the French concession in Shanghai – pretty streets make me happy

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