Getting comfortable

Ah, the wordpress app really sucks. I wish I knew this before committing. It’s the main reason I procrastinate so much with blogging. Anyway, here I am rewriting a post that got deleted when I tried to save it because the images kept crashing…

Okay, letting that go.

So, I decided I’d been getting a bit comfortable in regards to exploring and meeting new people.

I do two things, one is a complete fail and the other a success. I can live with that!

I also had two realisations off the back of it…

At some stage in a girl’s life she has to face the facts and accept things as they are and honour your limitations. It’s time to give up on my craft dreams (well unless it’s like a spoon fed diy lesson…like when you do a cooking course on holiday you don’t do much and are prevented from screwing up).

I love the idea of crafts, but I don’t have the attention span, attention to detail, patience or follow through to make my dreams a reality.

On a slightly unrelated note I am giving up on balls. I can imagine your WTF face.. But foods I make into balls or patties don’t bring me any joy. I’ve tried broccoli patties, health balls or falafel and the process sucks. Chop chop, mix, use your hands, get messy, and even worse if you have to then cook!

If I need balls in my life I buy the little health balls from my yoga studio and when I move back I’ll suck up to Julie! Just no more Sarah ball projects.

Anyway, back to shaking things up a bit. I joined a dinner where we would make our own notebooks. I love a good notebook.

So when I arrive I soon decide this won’t end well. We use cardboard from boxes and have to cut paper to size… I mentally accept defeat and go through the motions.

Some times a picture is worth a thousand words. This is one of those times.



The other thing I decide is to check out an antique market I read about, it was so much fun. I rode my bike and went with a couple of friends and got a nice little stash of things.





I have decided I’m going to get more of these beautiful girl posters to cover up this awful peach wall.


I’m totally love these posters. Back in the 30’s it was a little scandalous and a little cool to be one of the few beautiful girls. Essentially they would model for portraits that were then used to advertise stuff, mostly cigarettes.

Then images would be made into a calendar.

I believe that they were then modified for communist propaganda. They would change the setting and instead paint the girls as ‘peasants’.

Moving day

Got the keys to my new place, so time to move my crap and cat!!

Here is the living and dining room


And here is a suspicious looking stain


I hope to work out how to open the balcony very soon – meanwhile seeming a bit smoggy today


I have nothing quirky to say – it’s a small, white, clean kitchen


Having an actual oven is very special indeed – lucky girl I am!


Giant but very hard master bed




Oh dear, one of these again!


Stay tuned for part 2 – exploring the 2nd bedroom… Gasp!

Why has this become a hassle already!

Haha, I’ve been putting off writing anything as I was a few days behind… And then it started accumulating and then it got relegated to the dreaded to do list….

Hmm, I now remember why I could never keep a diary as a teenager, no matter how pretty and sparkly!!

Oh well. Here it goes. I’m letting it go.

Here is my update. It’s not everything and it’s not in any order. Dang, when did I become such a rebel haha.

Okay. So marley is fitting in quite nicely. I often visit him at lunchtime and say hello. He’s got quite used to being the man of the house and having prime bed position!!

I went to bangkok last week for work, it was really good – too much food, fancy hotel and lots to learn!!! Consider me up skilled in strategy – check.

So, I’ve been bouncing around the place a bit… But not in a bad way.

A few more fun nights… Random shanghai nightclubs are interesting and I can imagine Dayna having the dj round her little finger in minutes!! Hehe

A few dinners here and there. I have a 70’s birthday party soon – my mind boggles at the idea of finding something here!!

I couldn’t sleep last night, so I booked a hiking trip to a hidden village in a few weeks… As you do ūüôā

Apartment hunting sucks – it’s the language and perhaps Chinese taste in decor but mostly the use of the old ‘bait and switch’ – forget looking up stuff online, all the amazing places are ‘suddenly rented’ but no worry, plenty of other good places…. Ahhh, it’s just a lottery.

It’s sometimes fun to learn Chinese


Girl dating….


My new mug – Digging it!


Tasty Tom Yum in Bangkok, but dad’s is better!


Working hard in Thailand


Love the French concession in Shanghai – pretty streets make me happy