Tokyo Baby

Japan came up like a whirlwind… I had done a few excited Pinterest ‘pins’ when I booked a few months ago but that’s about it. Luckily Sal was prepared.

I packed my bags, left a couple pouches of cat food out for the Ayie and said goodbye to Loz… Tokyo here we come!

It’s been a few months since the trip – I had taken so many photos and been wowed by so much that it became a little overwhelming!

I did however take a few simple reflections back to China with me after the trip… Here they are.

1. Embrace the ‘girly’ from time to time, even if it feels a little cheesy 

2. It doesn’t hurt to be a little (a lot) more enthusiastic, it’s contagious 

3. Buy some 3/4 callots stat! Um, maybe in a Western country though (cue seams splitting… haha okay not quite, but you get me..)

4. Beautiful materials and brushes make life better, get in on that 

5. Drink more green tea (for fuck’s sake woman, you work for a tea company and live in China)

6. Time to ditch all the old make up and buy some fresh stuff… It will feel good! (Goodbye eyeshadow from high school)


Day one of Tokyo was a great big shop!I was exhausted by the time we left and could barely carry my bags but it was fun and it can only be good for growing bingo arms.

The highlight of my day was meeting Lena Dunham from Girls…. I’m a big fan of girls and just read her book ‘Not that kinda girl’ . Good spotting Sal.

I went and said hello and talked at her with verbal diarrhoea. She was nice and totally cool. I was a nerdy. I wish I had asked her something cool but hey I had something for Instagram lol

  Cute oragami at the airport currency change counter (and for free) – bravo Japan, you’re living up to my expectations already.  Kimono robes on the bed… oh hell yes!  Cause things in Japan are just funnier!  Best stationary shop ever and a surprise bit of star spotting.

Day two of Tokyo was right up my alley…
No more Zara and Gap (I love you but come on I’m in Japan, gotta see some shit this was what I came for!).

Points to Sal and I for getting up at 3.30am to go the famous fish auctions… Only to arrive and find out they did it earlier for some reason… Oh well we took a few snaps (below) and headed back to bed (almost $100 on taxis later)! 


The little town of Asakusa (below) was beautiful – clearly for tourists, but guess what I was a tourist and this is what I wanted to see!

       Poor bastard, it was like 37 degrees          

These temple/shrine rituals are beautiful but honestly I have no idea why or what they are all about. I guess everyone just follows the crowd and you seem to be able to mimic the person before you… I go to so many temples and shrines these days I should learn a thing or two about them at some point.

         Instructions in Japan are adorable!                                              Later we headed out to Shibuya             

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