What I’ve Learnt in Six Months

So I’m in Australia, tuns out I managed to fly back exactly 6 months to the day. I spent a little time reflecting on my flight home… Here’s what I came up with.

Top things I’ve learned in 6 months in Shanghai: 

1) How to properly brush my teeth (seriously I was doing it wrong which baffled me too)
2) Shit, I’m an adult
3) The beauty of living alone
4) And the beauty of a morning routine, even if it means not getting up 15 mins before I have to leave.
5) A little self indulgence is a necessary not a luxury
6) China road rules… they actually seem to make sense
7) Learning (some) patience and slowing down (when I remember)
Um, wish I’d Learnt – Chinese but hey can’t win em all.
And a few visuals…
Smog sucks, but hey got to take the good with the bad!


Buying shoes for children is not my strength, as cute as they are (I hope your boys enjoy them in a few years Tegan and Carlie)! 


I can still manage to rough it…. 


But only for a weekend MAX… I do NEED a little comfort these days too…


I lOVE health Retreats… they are life changing (breakfast seed and nut buffet – amazing).


And you can take a little bit of that back with you… even to work


Seeing some friendly faces can make a world of difference!


Lastly, when in Rome (And yes that’s a Poncho for my whole bicycle)

IMG_2591 IMG_2590

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