Eat Meditate Learn (in a Tropical 5 Star Paradise of Course)

It’s taken me over 10 years to treat myself to what I had originally called ‘Fat Camp’, but the Koh Samui Wellness Retreat I went to provided oh so much more than that…. Eh and I also decided it was far too much money to spend on a holiday only to deprive myself!

My lovely friend Jo (The Mindful Morning) was the one who told me about Kamalaya and when Jo tells you something is good, you know it’s good…. she’s like my own personal episode of ‘Oprah’s Favourite Things’ (except she doesn’t leave me free stuff under my chair…I forgive her for that because she gives me so much inspiration).

Hmm, so where to start…. do I chat about the lovely experiences, the spiritual (sometimes weird and uncomfortable ) aspects, how I would like to think it’s opening up a vortex in my brain for a new way of thinking, or the fact that I found myself happily chatting about colonics (a key part of the Detox Program they run) and past lives with my new found buddies at the communal dinner table?… Hmm, perhaps a few pics to set the scene first.

Oh and of course, I had to do the cliche and bring the book Eat Pray Love with me (once I got over how cheesey I was, it’s a briliant book I have to say, many more layers than the movie – I recommend). Nice book suggestion Lozzie!

I should say I brought a whole lotta stuff with me as enterainment but didn’t touch a thing – I only just, had time to read the book!


But first, I caught up with a friend the night before… It was cold and we had Mulled Wine… Ah, I guzzled it as if I was going to Rehab tomorrow and not a health retreat haha!


But don’t worry, we called it a night and I woke up excited (although a little nap in the taxi was needed – an early start!)

Oh yes, this will do just fine. I had this weird feeling of wanting to cry when the Thai guy picked me up at the airport… I was just soooo happy and excited (and yes I was creeped out by my own reaction)!


Every morning you have fresh limes and they encourage you to drink first things… also when you return at night they have turned down your bed, adjusted the lighting and lit an oil burner for you…

Little Plunge Pools (different temperatures) along the cliff… amazing and very peaceful/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/aed/70877506/files/2014/12/img_0284.jpg

Yoga, Meditation or Stretching at 7.30am…. yes please (I have to say being here at sunset is pretty spesh too… but strangely I prefered sunset in the shower)


Hammock at Sunset…. boy do I love Hammocks!

 Did I mention it’s all inclusive? Fresh Coconuts galore!
 Lazing about the place… doesn’t feel lazy at all
 Room Service…. for colouring in and art supplies. Why not?!

Namaste Peeps!

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