I’m just not that into you…

So, it’s been nearly 2 months and well the sparkle is starting wear off the whole do as much as you can, with anyone and at anytime mantra I embraced on arrival.

I guess I’m just a bit tired and well I wanna do exercise, eat right and I actually have real work to do at work now…. So, I’m starting to feel picky.

The hard thing is finding the right balance between welcoming and being open to new people and experience vs. sticking to people you have an instant connection with. So, how ‘nice’ do I be… I’d ideally go for always nice but I have a job and a cat to worry about too so it’s not always practical.

Especially the people I think of a potato chips… I like you, but I’m just not that into you…

I don’t really need them in my life, but sometimes they are in my presence and in the right mood I’m like screw it ‘eat the chips’. When I’m at parties and positioned near the bowl of chips I tend to go to town on them and enjoy them a lot….. But do I ever go to the shop or consider going to the shop to get some…. Nope.

So, what I’m saying is I like rice cakes, the really thin ones and I’ll make the effort to go to the international supermarket and pay twice the real price for them, but chips I’m just not sure how to manage you just yet…. Suggestions welcome from those of with a healthy sense of boundaries haha.

P.s. However, the cucumber flavour chips I ate when hungover here are the bomb!

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