The Week of First Dates

So, without facebook or Instagram (I know I know, get a VPN i keep hearing… well it’s on my list) it makes sense for me to find people to speak to other than Marley…

So, date number 1… I chickened out on…. it was to go out at 11pm to a bar with some of her work friends…. ah, I’m too old – if i’m not drunk by 7pm it ain’t happening…

Then for the next one, I met a lovely Kiwi lady and she brought along her dutch friend (i guess in case i was a psycho). All in all it was a nice afternoon with a few civilised wines and felt like a good friend match.

Getting to see new areas of the city



Finally time to brave the metro, and it’s not too bad – all dolled up for my first date haha


Date Two – A few drinks with some teachers – US and Irish Gals

Date 2 lasted from 3pm till Midnight, i decided to call it a day at a reasonable hour and left them to it – this bomb shelter (an actual concrete underground shelter) bar was starting to spin me out haha


Date 3 also lasted a while and ended up in this very cool whisky bar, you had to enter in via a bookcase… I do intend to take everyone who comes visit me to this place!


Lastly, i’m getting used to this chinese social media…. i even get my own QR code for when i want to make friends…. They just scan my code and hey presto we’ve swapped info. Plus they gave me bread as my icon automatically – oh my, how did they know I liked bread haha


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